Maths by Ian, Quality Assurance    December 2023  

Maths by Ian prides itself in providing an exceptional and personalised learning for all of its students. To maintain and develop outstanding practice and outcomes, quality assurance (QA) is paramount and will be organised over all qualifications and assessors, in line with other Maths by Ian policies and procedures. 

Quality assurance is an activity, therefore all QA procedures will be conducted and maintained regularly. The scope of the policy will include planning, teaching and learning, assessment and feedback. The Internal Quality Assurer(s) (IQA) will endeavour to effectively uphold high standards of practise for Maths by Ian at all times. All documents relating to QA activities will be held securely, in line with Data Protection and confidentiality requirements. Access will be granted to all relevant awarding organisations for any assessment documents and related materials.  

Aims: • To improve provision for pupils’ learning, progress and achievement • To ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to achieve their potential, including independence, life skills, employment, and higher education, where appropriate • To engage all staff in a process of self-evaluation • To evaluate the quality of the delivery of subjects • To use the knowledge gained from monitoring and evaluation effectively in the planning process • To consistently seek the best resources available for online study, and independent support. • To ensure accountability for assessment decisions and quality standards and that awarding body procedures and policies are maintained.  

Quality Assurance Monitoring 

To promote effective support to students, either in addition to school or college study, or as stand-alone tuition, resources and quality of tuition will be continually assessed and feedback used, as an improvement tool. Evidence can be used to inform improvement at all levels.   

Quality Assurance will be reviewed annually. Next review July 2024. Reviewer Director of Education.